When Liz called to invite me to this workshop I was super excited, first of all, as this was her lifelong dream! I was overjoyed to be a part of her first workshop. I have known Liz for many years. She is an intuitive person that has helped me through many life struggles. Her work has changed my entire outlook on life. She has an amazing personality and is passionate about her visions so I am thankful she can now share this with everyone! This workshop was amazing and made me dig into my core feelings ... something I have never done on my own. The women in the group made me feel comfortable and confident enough to share details of my life that I normally don’t share in a group setting. It was a weekend I didn’t want to end. I was so excited about this workshop that I brought a lifelong friend, so yes I would definitely recommend this to all my friends. Liz is a great facilitator and her passion speaks loudly. You would never have guessed this was her first workshop as she is a true leader!

- Teresa, Dallas

I was compelled to go to this event because I was at a crossroads on a couple of projects that I was working on and I wanted some clarity. When Liz told me about the workshop, not only did I want to support her in her new venture, it sounded like the perfect opportunity to dig a little deeper into where I was going and where I wanted to be. My experience of the workshop was wonderful. The atmosphere was was nurturing, fun and effective. My greatest take-away was that going straight to my core desired feeling saves me a lot of time so that I’m not in my head and am more in my heart about my goals. I would definitely recommend this to a friend! Liz is a great facilitator and is definitely in her element!

Sherry, Dallas

When Liz told me about this event, I was intrigued. I have been a seeker for many years and always looking for ways to expand my spiritual awareness. My experience of the event was amazing. I don’t think I would ever have taken a weekend to delve so deeply into my core feelings but I’m glad I did. I definitely don’t think I’d ever have done it on my own. The women in the group were inspiring and helped to create an open environment of sharing. Liz is an incredible force and a caring leader. It’s clear that this is her passion and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire weekend. What I gained most from this weekend was that it all starts with the feeling ... not the goal. I loved the rock and cards. I have them in my office so I see them every day as a reminder. I would definitely recommend this to a friend!

- Susan, Dallas