What You Need To Know About Me

When I am making a positive, impactful difference in the lives of others, I am living my very best life.  -Liz Noell

I'm one of those gals that has always had a strong sense of direction.  In other words, I always know where I'm taking my life (even when I don't, I do).  I knew from a very young age that I wanted to "help" and I didn't know what that meant exactly.  I also remember shutting my eyes and seeing a big light bulb that pulsed from bright to brighter...it pulsed constantly.  I knew I would be this light for others.  At 4 years old, I had not reached the age where I had come into my full analyzing potential (*giggle), so I went with it.  Symbolism and all!

Fast forward a year, my mother tells this story that I was along with her for a trip to the grocery store and asked for a gum ball as we walked in the door.  Being my mom and looking out for my teeth and her sanity, gave me a prompt "no".  This was back in the day when no one worried if they didn't have their child stuck to them like glue, so off she went to shop.  I stayed behind to work the door.  By the time she got through the checkout line, I had a mouthful of gumballs and more on the way.  I had used the sympathy vote for the better part of 30 minutes and had collected a tidy sum from anyone who would talk to me.  Going after what I wanted was never a question for me.  

There is nothing as easy as being inspired. -Fire Starter Sessions

The most important thing to know about me is that I'm a connector.  I love relationship and I have built on one thing I am truly inspired by...supporting others in uncovering what means the most to them.  Sweeping the dirt off their desires, clearing the way for more passion, washing the windshield of the heart so to speak.  I would love to live in a world where we all acted on our own, unique gifts.  Connecting others to their brilliance is what I do best.

"Liz has been my coach and champion for many months now, and I can say with certainty; my life is changed because of her. She is intuitive, and steadfast, and speaks truth. My Fairy God Sister." Gratitude - ILSE, NYC

I'm also a straight-up business woman, so I am practical thinker.  I merry the brands of instinct, intuition and action with the practiced processes of business.

  • What lights your soul on fire, makes your heart sing?  These can be discovered.
  • How do you harness what you already possess and alchemize that into a lucrative, great-feeling path?
  • How do you turn what you most love into a living breathing thing that you can act on, live in and live from?
“Liz is a “truth bomber” meaning she tells the truth from an uncanny, intuitive place. Her ability to see into a situation is something that’s so incredibly clear that it’s life changing, if you choose for it to be. It’s a guidance I have relied on for years that completely resonates with my own inner guidance system. This intuitive clarity is her gift to the world, coupled with her strength and confidence to tell it to you exactly as she sees it and it is beautiful. It’s loving, it’s healing and it’s life altering for those of us that choose to evolve and move forward in life with this type of clarity under our wings - SEARRI, DALLAS, TX

This is what I love to explore.  This is what I love to talk about, write about, think about and coach to.  I am a Life Strategist because I am in love with the life design process.  This is the stuff of miracles.  This is my light bulb.

Small, deliberate actions inspired by your true desires create a life you love...  -Danielle LaPorte

“As the recent mother of a daughter, I spent a great deal of time thinking about what kind of person I want to raise. In thinking about who I hope for my child to look up to, Liz is at the top of my list. Her absolute joy, passion, and strength make her a force for all the women around her.

Liz’s gifts are the rare combination of deep heart love and an unwavering commitment to reach goals. She brings with her both the plan and the love/cheerleading/support/ honesty needed to get you there. I have known Liz for more than 15 years. I initially met her as another woman working in the personal transformation arena. Today, I am blessed to call her a friend. - ABBY, AUSTIN, TX

If you found your self nodding through any part of the above, any little 'yeses' you felt, or if any of what I shared speaks to you at some level and you would like to work with me personally you have two options:

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Lots of love and gratitude,